Coronavirus: What Employers Need to Know




The Coronavirus has now spread to every state in the U.S and is causing significant disruptions in workplaces. U.S. officials are developing plans to respond. Because of this significant and growing impact, employers must balance a complex combination of issues to respond to and effectively manage workplace issues related to the coronavirus, including: paid sick leave laws, unemployment insurance, notice requirements, managing a remote workforce, and many of the fast-paced developments at the federal, state, and local levels. Employers need to know what their responsibilities are and how their available responses are limited under the law.


Join WTCABC for this 60-minute webinar plus 15 minutes of Q&A, presented by Fisher Phillips attorneys Jeff Weintraub and Gabe McGaha as they review some of the key issues and prepare employers with up-to-date news and recommendations. What policies and recommendations should employers put in place? What are an employer’s legal responsibilities and liabilities? What are the workers’ compensation implications? You'll learn answers to these questions and more during this important session.