Beijing Investigates Loans to China's Top Overseas Deal Makers

WSJ - 3 hours 9 min ago
China’s banking regulator is conducting a sweeping check in one of the most forceful attempts yet to get a grip on runaway debt.
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'King of Good Times' Gives Diageo a Hangover

WSJ - 4 hours 25 min ago
The world’s largest liquor company struck a deal with Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya to buy United Spirits. Now the British firm finds itself in a legal quagmire.
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American Airlines CEO 'Not Happy' About Qatar Plan to Buy 10% Stake

WSJ - 6 hours 49 min ago
Qatar Airways said it intends to buy a significant stake in American Airlines Group—a brash approach by the state-owned carrier that American Chief Executive Doug Parker called “puzzling and strange.”
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Lyft's Goal: Gain From Uber's Stumbles Without Gloating

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 9:17pm
As Uber has grappled with the leadership turmoil that led to its chief executive’s resignation this week, its much-smaller rival has built market share and expanded aggressively, even as its founders counsel humility.
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Senate Bill Poses Risks to Health-Care Companies

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 8:59pm
Senate Republicans’ health overhaul carries big risks for many health-care companies because of its cutbacks to federal Medicaid funding and the uncertain impact of its broad changes to individual health-insurance markets.
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Facebook Has New Vision Beyond 'Connecting,' and It Thinks Groups Are Key

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 5:36pm
Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg took a step toward defining a new vision for the social-media company as it grapples with how to handle its growing power in the world.
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FCC Fines Man $120 Million for His 100 Million Robocalls

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 5:30pm
The Federal Communications Commission proposed an “unprecedented” fine against Adrian Abramovich, a Miami man who the agency said was responsible for making almost 100 million falsified robocalls in late 2016 in violation of telecommunications laws.
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Cable Operator Altice USA Climbs in Market Debut

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 4:49pm
Shares of Altice USA traded higher in their market debut Thursday, a day after the cable operator raised more money in its IPO than any other U.S.-listed telecom since 2000.
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Sticking Points Slow GOP Budget Efforts

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 4:49pm
House Republicans are struggling to agree on a plan to fund the federal government for 2018, a critical task that they must tackle before moving ahead with ambitions for a tax overhaul.
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Mylan Elects Full Board Despite Oppostion

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 4:46pm
Mylan’s board nominees were elected in full at the pharmaceutical company’s annual meeting Thursday despite pressure from a group of institutional investors unhappy over high executive pay.
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Senate Health Bill Gives Huge Tax Cuts to Businesses, High-Income Households

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 4:26pm
The Senate’s health-care bill repeals hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes on businesses and high-income households and includes a retroactive cut in capital-gains taxes.
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Apple Scraps Like an Underdog in Second Biggest Mobile Market

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 4:21pm
Apple is helping third-party re-sellers, mulling new flagship stores and firing up app-development centers in India as it runs to catch up in one of the world’s biggest smartphone markets.
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Trump Promises Telecom Executives Less Red Tape

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 4:14pm
President Donald Trump on Thursday told technology and telecom executives the government will tackle federal regulations they consider too restrictive but stopped short of announcing any specific policies aimed at their industries.
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Taiwan's Foxconn Eyes Seven States for $10 Billion Investment

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 1:43pm
Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, which assembles Apple’s iPhones in China, is looking at seven states in the American heartland where it would invest $10 billion or more in factories to build flat-panel screens.
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Dolls With Digital Eyes: Eerie or Endearing?

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 11:57am
With the help of small LCD screens, digitally animated eyes are giving once-stoic toys—from race cars to Cabbage Patch Kids—a highly expressive makeover.
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Aviation Industry Seeks to Strengthen Cybersecurity Defenses

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 11:40am
Escalating concerns about cyberthreats are prompting the aviation industry to devise an unlikely new safeguard: real-time warnings to pilots about potential hacking attempts.
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How Uber Backers Orchestrated Kalanick's Ouster as CEO

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 11:37am
Travis Kalanick’s decision to step down as Uber’s CEO was the culmination of weeks of maneuvering by some of the firm’s biggest investors to force out the co-founder of the nearly $70 billion company.
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Fed's Bullard Calls Officials' Projected Rate Path 'Unnecessarily Aggressive'

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 10:53am
St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said he doesn’t see any need for further interest-rate increases but the central bank should begin shrinking its $4.5 trillion portfolio of assets “sooner rather than later.”
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U.S. Jobless Claims Rose Last Week

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 9:52am
The number of Americans applying for first-time unemployment benefits rose last week, though overall numbers remain consistent with steady job gains.
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Boeing Outsells Rivals at Paris Air Show

WSJ - June 22, 2017 - 9:37am
Boeing beat Airbus in the annual jetliner-orders bonanza at the Paris Air Show, but both came out winners in one crucial way: Demand for both plane makers’ most popular single-aisle jets remains buoyant.
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