Government Affairs

ABC We provide government affairs representation to our members at the local, state, and national levels. The West Tennessee Chapter provides political clout and access to elected officials at every level of government.

Get Involved in National Hot Issues

Please visit ABC National's Issues and Advocacy page to find out what's going on at the national level.

How can I get involved?

Our goal is to be the most politically influential organization in our local communities and in the state of Tennessee, so help us by getting involved. Visit our website often to find out the latest hot issue.

Federal Government:

ABC was ranked the 40th most influential lobbying effort in Washington by Fortune Magazine. At the federal level, ABC's lobbying effort is led by Vice-President of Government Affairs, Geoff Burr. He and his staff advocate ABC's position on issues like Employee Free Choice Act, Healthcare Reform, Cap & Trade, PLA's, Blacklisting, Salting, HMO Liability, Apprenticeship programs, Davis-Bacon and repeal of burdensome taxes.

To find out what are currently the hottest issues affecting merit shop contractors at the federal level, please visit ABC National's Government Affairs.

State Government:

At the state level, ABC is a powerful force on Capitol Hill in Nashville. The West Tennessee Chapter, along with the Middle and East Tennessee Chapters make up the Tennessee Construction Coalition, which funds our full-time state lobbyists, Bob Boles and Bob Pitts. Mr. Boles and Mr. Pitts are long-time and respected figures on Capitol Hill and fight vigorously and successfully for our merit shop issues.

To contact your state representative or state senator, click on the "Tennessee General Assembly" link.

Local Government:

Politics as usual? There is nothing "usual" about politics in Memphis and Shelby County. Our complex and volatile political system requires ABC's staff to always be on alert for the latest affront to free enterprise and the merit shop way.

Our local government affairs efforts include fighting local prevailing wage laws, policies that award contracts based on anything other than merit, project labor agreements, burdensome business taxes and unreasonable code and zoning restrictions.

Click on the links below to contact Code Enforcement, your City Council or the County Commission.

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