Health, Life & Dental

WTCABC believes in providing employees access to quality benefits. Through the ABC Merit Choice Insurance Trust, ABC members can find insurance products that are right for their companies. Click the link to learn about health, life, dental and disability insurance available through ABC Merit Choice.

Other Insurance Providers

Besides our own insurance trust, WTCABC has numerous member companies who can provide insurance options for your company. The providers listed below are local members who would be glad to assist you with your insurance needs.

Brown Associates.
Harris, Madden and Powell.
Hudspeth Benefits Group
Lipscomb & Pitts Company.
McDonnell Insurance.
Menard Gates & Mathis.

ABC Workers Compensation Self-Insured Fund

From Jan 1, 1995 to present, the ABC WC SIF has grown from 19 charter members to over 50 statewide, and it continues to grow.
The fund was developed by a group of ABC members interested in bringing to the ABC membership in Tennessee a benefit package consisting of fair pricing, good availability for qualifying members, superior service and an opportunity to share the profits of the fund. To learn more or to get a quote visit ABCSIF.