Upcoming Training Schedule

Please see below for a current list of training we have schecduled. If you would like to see a class or seminar offered, please contact Amber Harris at 901-794-9212 or by email at amber@wtcabc.org


Feed Your Brain- Techy Ideas For Your Business

When: Thursday, July 13, 2017 from 9am to 10am 

@ Interactive Solutions (3860 Forest Hill Irene #101)

Cost: ABC Members- $25 per person/ $10 each additional attendee 

Non-members- $50 per attendee

Speaker: Jay Myers, CEO, ISI & Jordan Myers, Manager, ISI 

Description: Join us at Interactive Solutions, Inc. to see first-hand what some of the latest audio visual technologies including: interactive whiteboards, a video wall, and an Alexa-controlled conference room can do for you. Plus, learn some quick tips on how to better plan for incorporating technology when building out a space.  




Feed Your Brain- What to Expect in the Health Insurance Market for 2018"

When: Thursday, July 20, 2017 from 9am to 10am

@ ABC (1995 Nonconnah Blvd)

Cost: ABC Members- $25 per person/ $10 each additional attendee 

Non-members- $50 per attendee

 Description: This seminar will discuss challenges and strategies for 2018, as well as specific rates and benefits for small employer plans in 2018. 




Removing Friction: The Construction Operating System

When: Thursday, July 13 from 1pm to 2pm 


Cost: FREE  

 Speaker: Laura Paciano, Senior Product Market Manager, Procore

Description: The latest innovation in construction technology is the construction operating system (COS). Okay, but what is it? That's a great question. And that's what this webinar is all about. You will learn what a construction operating system is, what it can do for your business, and why construction has been needing it for years. 

Join industry veteran and Procore's Senior Project Marketing Manager, Laura Paciano as she walks through the technology inside a construction operating system, how the Construction Operating System will help you run your company, and what the future of construction looks like now that you have a Construction Operating System to connect your people, devices and software!


LOSB Seminar

When: Thursday, August 10, 2017, from 9am to 10am 

@ ABC Office (1995 Nonconnah Blvd)

Cost: ABC Members- $25 per person/ $10 each additional attendee 

Non-members- $50 per attendee

Speaker: Carolyn S. Watkins, Administrator, Shelby County Government Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance 

Description: During this seminar, Ms. Watkins will be discussing the LOSB Ordinance, The New Minority and Women Business Enterprise Program and their amendments also the Certification process for Shelby County Government.  




What's Happening with Drones in Construction

When: Wednesday, August 16 from 1pm to 2pm 


Cost: FREE 

Speaker: Alexander Kube, COO, Botlink

Description: Drones are quietly revolutionizing the way that construction companies do business. Whether you are a foreman, executive, or safety inspector, drones can give you the perspective you need to optimize your workflow and save money. Join us as we discuss how drones can change the way you view your jobsite both indoors and outdoors. We will be discussing the impact of emerging topics in the drone space such as computer vision and machine learning, virtual reality, and data-driven workflows, and how these and other technologies are helping businesses explore exciting new opportunities with drones.




*As an ABC Member, you also have access to all archived webinars through ABC's

Academy for Construction Ethics, Compliance & Best Practices


**WTCABC would like to continue offering seminars free of charge; However, we now must require a $20 inconvenience fee for "no call, no shows" of these free seminars. We would like to acknowledge the value of the Speakers' time.**