Are You Sitting on the Sidelines?


What Happens In Washington Impacts Everyone

  • In Congress, as you know, every vote is of equal value. That is why it is imperative that we continue to support those representatives that advance the principles of free enterprise across the United States. 
  • Every day we have a member of our Government Affairs team in Washington working to make sure our voice is heard and our livelihood as merit shop contractors is protected. They are constantly representing what is in our best interest on issues such as: Project Labor Agreements; Tax Reform; Labor & Employment Law; Health Care Reform; and Immigration Reform. 

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Not to Mention an Unfavorable Regulatory Agenda

  • The NLRB Ambush Election Rule: Issued February 2014, this rule would lead to what many are calling "ambush elections" when a union is attempting to organize a Merit Shop firm. This rule would cut that time frame down to just 10 days. 
  • Department of Labor Persuader Rule: This rule, working in concert with the NLRB Ambush Election rule, would effectively equate to "card check." The Persuader rule eradicates the attorney-client privilege with respect obtaining advice regarding a union organizing campaign. 


Did You Know?

  • In the last election cycle, ABC PAC supported 293 candidates running for the U.S. House and Senate. 
  • Of those candidates that ABC PAC supported, 82% were successfully elected.
  • Right now there are nine seats that best represent opportunities to make the U.S. Senate a merit shop majority in 2014; Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia.
  • Three of them are slam dunks (Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia) meaning we only need three of the remaining five which is very possible in the current political environment and polling data.
  • ABC PAC is only at 66% of its 2012 total.

YOU certainly have a choice, but sitting on the sidelines should NOT be one of them!


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Dan Brodbeck

ABC, 2014 National Chairman