Education Items Needed



Educational Items Needed for Donation

WTCABC oversees several high school construction trade programs in our area. These programs are always looking for materials for their classes. Please see below for a list of items currently needed. If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact Amber Novarese at 901-794-9212 or by email at

*As always, WTCABC Education is a 501c(3), and all items donated may be considered as a tax write-off.


Safety Harness

Tape Measures

Wire Rope Sling

Synthetic Web Sling

Eye Hook with Gate


Simple Chain Hoist

2”x6”x8’ pieces of wood

2”x4”x8’ pieces of wood

4’x8’x7/16 OSB

16d bright common (2) 5 pound boxes

8d bright common (2) 5 pound boxes

Small pre-hung windows