If you are trying to reach the commercial construction industry in whole or part with a message, service or product, WTCABC has effective sponsorship opportunities for you to consider.

Value Club Value Club is a tiered sponsorship opportunity in which members or non-members may pre-pay for WTCABC events, products and services in advance. In addition to receiving those products and services, Value Club Members receive free services and advertising, which add the "value" to the sponsorship. The sponsorship levels include: Diamond - $10,000 Platinum - $6,000 Gold - $3,000 Silver - $2,000 Bronze - $1,500 To download a Value Club package, click here. For more information contact erin@wtcabc.org.

Special Events Virtually all of WTCABC's special events are open to various levels of sponsorship. The cost and benefits of a sponsorship depend on the numbers expected to attend and the level of exposure the sponsor is seeking. Some sponsorships are exclusive, while others can accommodate multiple sponsors. Sponsorship venues include, but are not limited to: Golf Tournaments Luncheons Excellence in Construction Awards Commercial Construction Institute Strategic Planning Conference Training Course and Classrooms To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact erin@wtcabc.org.

Affinity Programs An affinity program is a sponsorship opportunity in which the sponsor, ABC members and the chapter all benefit. Affinity programs are often discounts exclusive to ABC members. The chapter promotes the discount and receives product, services or a marketing fee when members use the product or service being promoted. Each agreement is unique, must be negotiated between the chapter and the vendor, and takes the form of a contract between the vendor and chapter. For more information contact erin@wtcabc.org.

Website A limited number of sponsorships are available on this website. The cost for those sponsorships will vary based on traffic and the specific level of exposure the sponsor is requesting. To sponsor the site or a page, contact erin@wtcabc.org.

Policies and Procedures WTCABC has written policies and procedures for these sponsorship opportunities that may be made available on request